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The Abundant Life Budget Planner is a Full 2024 Calendar Planner.


-includes 2024 Calendar 

-Goal Worksheets 

-Expense Tracker

-monthly and weekly planner

-savings trackers

-and much more 



Digital Planners are designed to be used in conjunction with a PDF mark-up note-taking annotation app.


This Hyperlinked Planner is compatible with APPLE and ANDROID devices. 


I recommend the GoodNotes app for iOS users and the Noteshelf app for Android users.



- Goodnotes app (Apple devices ONLY)

   (GoodNotes 6 for Android and Microsoft will not support the hyperlinks at this time)

- Notability app (Apple devices)

- Noteshelf (Apple and Android)

- Xodo app (Apple, Android & Microsoft)

- Penly app (Android) 


-The note-taking app needed to use digital planners is not included. It is a separate one-time purchase from the App Store.


Abundant Life Budget Planner

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