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Terms and Conditions

Present Help Consulting Firm, LLC

Payment is due monthly on the date you signed up for services. By making a payment you are verbally initiating services that you sought out. The verbal contract is between you the consumer and Present Help Consulting Firm, LLC, and are agreeing to the terms that all payments are final and non-refundable.

Contact-The best way to contact us is, please allow 48-72 hour to respond. YOU MUST provide all correspondence you receive from creditors, and or the credit bureaus as soon as you get them failure to do so will cause a delay in your results.

Month to Month Plan reminders: You have a personal responsibility to make on time payments. if you fail to make an on-time payment you will incur a $20 late fee. All services will cease until your Balance is brought current.

Cancellation:You can Cancel at anytime

Money back Guarantee if results are not seen within 90-120 days from the start of service.

Results vary!!

Be advised while you are on this credit restoration journey it is strongly discouraged that you apply for any new credit, or lines of credit.

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